Dr. Mallory Eisenman, podiatrist

Podiatry 101

A podiatrist is a doctor of podiatric medicine (DPM). She has studied the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting your feet, ankles and related structures of your legs. Consider Dr. Mallory Eisenman as your podiatrist of choice.

Dr. Eisenman’s approach to podiatry

“I love the practice of podiatry because I can usually help you feel better. Podiatrists can treat or cure most foot problems and improve patient comfort – straightening your toes or cutting your toenails correctly – and you feel better when you leave. It is important for me to provide you with personal, compassionate comprehensive care.

“In a small office setting, I can spend time with you when you come for an appointment. Whether you are six years old or 106, I aim to improve your quality of life when you come to my office – and beyond.

“Please phone me with questions about your foot concerns.”

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